Douglas Connection Alpha Silver Interconnect Cables


Price is for one 3 ft. Douglas Connection Custom made Alpha Silver Interconnect Cable.  From the dropdown menus above, please select the cable length you need for your application and select which connectors you would like.  The price will adjust automatically.  If you need a length that is not shown here on the website, please CONTACT US.  Shipping cost and any applicable taxes will be applied during checkout. Price is per cable.

Our Custom Alpha Silver Interconnect Cable is constructed of some of the best cable and connectors on the market today.  We use the Furutech FX-Alpha Ag cable, and for connectors we use your choice of the KLEI Copper Harmony, Pure Harmony, or Xhadow RCA Connectors.  any of these combinations yeild a true 75 ohm friendly digital interconnect.   These cables are great for High Definition Video or any digital connection using RCA connectors.

75Ω Coaxial Cable
Pure Silver Conductor + Teflon
α (Alpha)-Pure Silver Conductor(7/0.18mm)

25 AWG α (Alpha)-Pure Siver Conductor(0.18
* Transmission Delay Time:3.80 ± 0.10 ns/m
※ α(Alpha)-Pure Silver conductor is Pure Silver conductor wire strands treated with the α(Alpha) process.

* Construction: α (Alpha)-Pure Silver Conductor(7pcs/0.18mm) (25 AWG) / (0.178
* Insulation-1 : Teflon
* Insulation-2 : Polyethylene foam
* Shield: PET/Al Tape + 0.10mm α (Alpha)Conductor wire Braid
* Sheath: Flexible PVC ( Green)
* Characteristic Impedance :75 ± 3 Ω
* Overall Diameter: 8.0mm (25AWG)

25 AWG α (Alpha)-Pure Siver Conductor(0.18
* Transmission Delay Time:3.80 ± 0.10 ns/m


Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in
IC Length

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RCA Connector

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Douglas Connection Custom

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