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Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations KLEI

Douglas Connection – Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations KLEI

Eichmann/KLEI (Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations) was founded by KL and Patricia Eichmann with the goal that our products deliver the highest quality and that all enjoy the ultimate experience from their audio (visual) system. This has always been our goal and will continue to always be our goal.

KL’s reputation as a true innovator in high performance audio (visual) connectors, cables, and resonance device technologies is legendary. Importantly, the wonderful plaudits and reviews that KL’s inventions and designs have earned, and your support, give us the drive and motivation to continue to deliver industry leading products to the worlds market place.

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  • KLEI Pure Harmony RCA Plugs
    KLEInnovations(KLEI)… PURE ®Harmony Set of 4 RCA PlugsSignal/Ground pins utilize KLEI Pure Silver with >106% IACS conductivitySignal/Ground pin optimization has been utilized to enhance electron flow, and designed in accordance with KL’s Pure...
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  • KLEI gPower2 AC Power Cable
    KLEI GPower2 AC Power Cable Wonderful power cables from KL Eichmann, the inventor of the famous bullit plug Sound/Conclusion: There is a WOW factor with KL’s KLEI™gPOWER2 AC power cable. We believe that it allows your audio...
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  • KLEI Copper Harmony RCA Plugs
    KLEInnovations(KLEI)… Copper®Harmony Set of 4 RCA PlugsSignal/Ground pins utilize KLEI PureCopper™ with >101% IACS conductivityAn ultra high purity Silver plating is utilized to protect the pins from oxidization.Signal/Ground pin...
    17 in stock