Furutech DSS 4.1 OCC/DUCC 11AWG DIY Speaker Cable Kit


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Do it yourself and save with our DIY Furutech DSS 4.1 OCC/DUCC 11AWG Alpha Reference Speaker Cable Kit! Base Price is for one 6′ cable with out connectors or splitters.  Other lengths are available.

If you would rather have us custom make this cable for you, Please click here.

Our Furutech DSS 4.1 OCC/DUCC 11AWG DIY Speaker Cable Kit features Furutech DSS 4.1 OCC/DUCC Copper 11 AWG conductors.   From the drop down menus, please select the cable length you need, and choose connectors for amp end, and speaker end.  We offer the very best connectors on our Reference Cables, the Furutech CF-201 R Spades or the Furutech CF-202 R Bananas, or the Furutech FT-211 Spades and Furutech FT-212 Bananas.  Also, please choose if you want the Furutech DSS 4.1 Cable Splitters and/or the Furutech GS-35P crimp tubes.  Please enter the number of cables you need. To make a pair, please enter 2 as the quantity.

Here is what is in the kit:

One length you specify of Furutech DSS 4.1 cable.

One pair of the connectors you choose for the amp end of your cable.

One pair of the connectors you choose for the speaker end of your cable.

One pair of DSS 4.1 Cable splitters if you choose to include them.  (If you select No I don’t want splitters, we will include two 3 inch pieces of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to cover the individual conductor split out from the main cable for each cable kit.  That’s the reason for the $2 charge if you select No I don’t want splitters.)

4 Furutech GS-35P crimp sleeves if you choose them.  (These crimp sleeves are shown in the video below)

Learn how to make your speaker cables with DSS 4.1 in this youtube video from Furutech.

Alpha OCC-DUCC Speaker Bulk Cable DSS-4.1 is treated with the a (Alpha) Demagnetizing and Super Cryogenic process

Furutech’s α (Alpha) OCC‐DUCC is one of a select few of conductors that Furutech engineers have found to excel in sound reproduction. α (Alpha) OCC –DUCC is constructed using a combination of DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper and Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission α (Alpha)-OCC.

Furutech DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper — supplied and regulated with strict quality control by Mitsubishi Materials Industries — is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for signal transmission. (MMI is the leading manufacturer of the highest-purity oxygen-free copper in the world) Mitsubishi process this extremely pure oxygen-free copper with new technology that optimally aligns the crystals while reducing the number of crystal-grain boundaries resulting in a tremendously efficient conductor. Straight OCC’s benefits are its larger “fibrous” crystals in which one dimension is longer than the other two so as to create as few crystal junctions as possible. Thus, OCC’s sensitivity to directionality; one path exhibits the least resistance. Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission α-OCC is the result of further processing with the Alpha Super Cryogenic and Demagnetizing treatment. However, DUCC purity goes a significant step further. Mitsubishi Materials designed the new conductor to optimally align the copper crystal grain structure in addition to reducing crystal grain boundaries. As a result, DUCC is less sensitive to directionality than OCC.

Furutech DSS 4.1 OCC/DUCC 11AWG DIY Speaker Cable Kit Specifications:

Conductor Materials: Alpha-OCC + DUCC (7N Class)
Stranding Construction (mm); Inner 79/0.18 OCC (Right rotate), Middle 37/0.18 DUCC (Left rotate), Outer 42/0.18 DUCC (Right rotate). Diameter mm 2.75
Approx. Size 11 AWG per conductor (4.02 Sq.mm)
Insulation Inner Material: Audio Grade FEP (Fluoropolymer)
Insulation Outer Material: Audio Grade P.E. (Red, White, Green). Diameter mm 5.75
Twisting Method: 2 Cores Twisted
Fillers: Cotton Filler
Barrier: Layer Non-Woven Fabric wrap
Inner Sheath Material: Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Black) Nano/Ceramic / Carbon particle compound. Diameter: 14.0 mm
Shield Method Cu Foil + Braided OFC + Paper
Sheath Material: Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Rose Red) Nom. Thickness 1.2mm
Overall Diameter: 19.0 mm

Approx. Electrical Properties:

Resistance: .0045 Ohms / meter
Capacitance: 51.69 pF / meter
Inductance: .7 uH / meter
Dielectric Strength: 3000VAC


Available connectors for your Alpha Reference speaker cables DIY Kit:

Furutech CF-201 R Rhodium Plated Copper Spades

Furutech CF-202 R Rhodium Plated Copper Bananas

Furutech FT-211 R Rhodium Plated Copper Spades

Furutech FT-212 R Rhodium Plated Copper Bananas


What you will hear when you install the Alpha Reference Speaker Cables:

The sonic signature is one of warmth, smoothness, and energy, with an ultra-low noise floor that allows subtle sonic nuances to emerge from an ink black background. Low level details are reproduced with great expressiveness and an absence of grain.
Sonic details sound natural and organic. Our Reference Speaker Cable has an open, clean and resolved sonic image that is both uncannily detailed and VERY revealing.
Tonal breadth is exceptional,
Trebles are crystalline and extremely detailed, but without becoming overblown or bright. These cables also keep away from the clinical sound that can suck the joy out of listening.
The midrange is open and revealing, bringing a strong sense of clarity and definition to the music.
These cables really open up the music, bringing not only detail, but also dimension and presence to the listening experience.
The Alpha Reference Speaker Cables will expand the perceived soundstage, spreading the musical information wide and deep, without comprimising the cohesion and intent of the music.

REVIEW of the DSS 4.1 base cable.
by Douglas Brown
“Minutes after installing the DSS-4.1 speaker cables into my main 2-channel tube rig, the improvement in sonics was so clear that I could literally hear it in other parts of my home. Audio critics love listening to walk through three- dimensional stereo sound in the same way that a mosquito enjoys sucking blood from a diabetic’s ankle. It’s something we can’t resist. The increase in sound quality was so immediate and dramatic that it forced me to return to my listening room.
The DSS-4.1’s sonic signature is one of warmth, smoothness, and energy. These SCs have an ultra-low noise floor that allows subtle sonic nuances to emerge from an ink black background. Sonic details sounded natural and organic. Much like a mile wide diameter oceanic sinkhole in Belize, the profound depth and transparency of the sound let me dive deep into recordings of all genres of music.
Furutech DSS 4.1 SCs recreated the tone and timbre of instruments with a palpable *feel* that created one of the most vivid, lifelike, and expansive soundstages that I’ve ever heard — at any asking price. This ability to recreate realism from recorded music is what every audiophile longs to hear. Instead of chasing the sonic dragon in a Tokyo taxi during rush hour traffic, I felt like I was finally flying on the fabled beast’s back.
The DSS-4.1 never altered the base sonic characteristics of any of the stereo systems I used to test them.”



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in
Speaker Cable Length

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Connectors Amp End

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Connectors Speaker End 1

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Amp End Free End Length

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Speaker End Free End Length

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