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Speakon Connectors

Neutrik NL4FX Speakon Female 4 Pole Cable Connector

Douglas Connection - Speakon Connectors

Speakon connectors by Neutrik.

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  • Neutrik NLT4MP 4 Pole Metal Chassis Mount Speaker Connector
    Neutrik NLT4MP 4 pole male chassis connector, metal housing, solder or 1/4" flat tabs. HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED The new STX Series is the next generation of 4 pole Speakon connectors especially designed for amplifier-loudspeaker applications in...
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  • Neutrik NL4MP 4 Pole Male Chassis Mount
    Neutrik NL4MP 4 pole chassis connector, black D-size flange, countersunk thru holes, 3/16" flat tabs. The state-of-the-art chassis connector for loudspeaker / amplifier applications. They feature a unique locking system, robust plastic housing...
    10 in stock
  • Neutrik NL4FX Speakon Female 4 Pole Cable Connector
    Neutrik NL4FX Speakon Female 4 pole cable connector, chuck type strain relief, dark grey bushing The industry-standard for loudspeaker connections offer extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a reliable locking system. They feature...
    out of stock