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DIY Speaker Cables And Jumpers

9 AWG OFHC Speaker Cables DIY Kit

Douglas Connection - DIY Speaker Cables And Jumpers

Your cable kit will come with everything you need to make your own speaker cables. Your kit will include the cable cut to length you order and the connectors along with any heat shrink tubing you might need. If you order your required length with sleeving, it will be included in your kit.

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  • 10 AWG OFHC Speaker Cable DIY Kit
    Douglas Connection Do It Yourself Cable Kits -- A great money-saving option over our custom made cables or buying the individual parts. When you want to make a pair of the best bang for the buck speaker cables, Make yourself a pair of 10 AWG...
    in stock
  • 12AWG OCC Furutech Speaker Cables DIY Kit
    When only the very best speaker cables will do for your system, Make yourself a pair of 12 AWG PCOCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper High End Performance Speaker Cables with this DIY Kit. These are the same cables we custom make for Legacy Audio and...
    in stock
  • PCOCC Bi Wire Jumper cables DIY Kit
    Base Price is for a kit to make a set of 4 Bi-Wire Jumpers with Furez silver plated Copper banana plugs on both ends.  Please select the length you want and whether you want Silver plated copper or non plated copper connectors.  Then select the...
    in stock