5 way Gold Plated Binding Posts 2 Pair set


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When it’s time to upgrade these Gold Plated Brass Bibding Posts are a great choice.  This is one of the best binding posts you will find.  Select the number of sets you need.  Each set includes binding posts for a set of stereo speakers.  If your speakers are set up for Bi-wire, (Have 4 binding posts on each speaker) you will need to order 2 sets.

5 way Gold Plated Binding Posts 2 Pair set 

These are Excellent Audiophile Grade Gold Plated Brass Binding Posts to use for that DIY Project when upgrading your OEM Binding Posts.  They feature a floating jack ring under the knurled tightening knobs. This allows you to tighten down on bare wires, pins or spades without the twisting action rubbing against them.  As you tighten, the floating jack ring exerts force against the wire without twisting it.  A very nice feature.  These 5 way Gold Plated Binding posts can be used with Banana Plugs, Spades, Pins, or Bare Wire.  These are 8mm Posts and are on 3/4 in. centers, however can also be used on any center spacing by removing or cutting the base plate.  These Binding posts are a great choice for that DIY upgrade to your speakers.  Great for Stereo Audio and Home Theater Systems.  


We use these binding posts in our Custom Made Speaker Cable testing and break in setup, because they are great to work with, have wonderful signal transmission, and are very high quality at a great price!

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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