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Cardas/Colver Cardas Audio CCGR L Binding Posts are made from Copper. Long billet Copper posts, Rhodium over Silver plate. Billet Copper nut, Gold plate. Glass filled nylon insulator.  These Binding Posts make a wonderful upgrade.  Priced per set of 2 posts.  For Stereo Speakers you will need 2 sets.  If you have speakers set up for Bi Wireing, you’ll need to order 4 sets.

These are the LONG billet Copper posts. Billet Copper nut. Glass filled nylon insulator.  These Cardas Audio CCGR L Binding Posts are on 3/4″ centers, and make a wonderful upgrade to your OEM binding posts.  If you need the short version of these binding posts click here.

Cardas Binding Posts
Cardas Audio produces a variety of bindings in various styles, lengths & platings. Binding posts are sold in pairs, with a pair consisting of a positive (+) and negative (-) post, and the associated hardware (dual insulator plate, nuts, washers, etc.).
Base metal: Our premium binding posts are machined from billet copper. We offer some economy binding posts machined from brass.
Platings: Our preferred plating is silver, with a rhodium flash. We also offer gold plated posts, gold plated top hex nuts, and combinations of each. In addition, unplated, bare copper posts are available.
Length: For most products & projects, short binding posts are appropriate. For installation in thick cabinets, we provide long versions of our binding posts.
Installation: A dual insulator plate is provided with each pair of posts. For mounting posts individually, red & blue single binding post insulators (SBPI) are available separately.
Short vs Long Binding Posts
We make long & short versions of most of our binding posts.
Our short posts have an “S” at the end of their part name (ex. CCRR S). Our long posts end with an “L” (ex. CCRR L).
Should I use long or short posts?
Short posts are appropriate for most applications. If you are mounting your binding posts in the chassis of an amplifer, or in a speaker cabinet using a binding post mounting plate (such as the Cardas BPMP), we suggest using short posts.
Long posts are useful for speaker builders who want to avoid routing out a hole for a binding post mounting plate.



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