Wattgate 350i Audio Grade Gold Plated IEC Connector


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The Wattgate 350i is a cryogenically treated Gold plated Audio Grade IEC Power Connector. Available in Black or Clear housing.


Audio Grade

Large, high spring-rate contacts

Perma-Lock Terminals

Glass filled high temperature nylon front housing

Polycarbonate rear housing

Stainless hardware

Wattgate Three Layer Plating Process*




*WATTGATE Three Layer Plating Process

1. Oxygen free copper plating

improves conductivity

2. Electroless nickel plating

necessary to prevent the leeching of the copper through the pure gold layer

3. 24k gold plating

improves conductivity

Wattgate products were born out of a desire to have AC power connectors of uncompromised quality. Realizing that high quality audio and video electronics enjoy noticeable advantages when fed proper AC power led us to create the Wattgate Audio Grade products. The innovative designs, use of the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes have resulted in a system of power connectors in a class of their own. Our Audio Grade connectors were a much needed industry first and continue to be the definitive choice of audio and video enthusiasts.


The performance of Wattgate Audio Grade products relies on fundamental yet superior concepts of engineering. Highly conductive elements(silver, gold, and copper) incorporated into high-pressure, large surface area contacts reduces overall resistance which fulfills the goal of improved conductivity. In addition, by implementing new stainless hardware into all of our designs we have enhanced performance through greater integrity and durability of the connection.


After ten years of researching cryogenic technology, we now cryogenically treat our Wattgate line of products in house. Years of testing different methods and processes within the cryogenic field have led us to develop our own optimized approach.


Our method of Deep Cryogenic Treatment(DCT) is of the indirect or dry type. A specially optimized cycling method is employed to achieve maximum benefit for our products. With the indirect or dry process the parts are never subject to direct contact with liquid nitrogen, avoiding thermal shock to the materials. The process takes between four and five days to complete. We have truly enjoyed the sonic results of this process, we think you will too.


Look for the Cryo Treated logo to be sure that you are getting Cryo Treated Wattgate products.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in
350i Black/Clear




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