Vampire Wire SB Banana Plug 2 Pair


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Price is for one 2 pair set (2 Red and 2 Black) of Vampire Wire #SB Banana Plug Connectors.  Please choose the number of sets you need.

The Vampire Wire SB Banana Plugs are Gold plated heavy duty single banana plugs for Speaker cable up to 6 AWG. The #SB requires only 1/4” of cable to be stripped. Simply insert the stripped end through the large hole and tighten the thumbscrew. The #SB may be stacked for bi-wire use. Priced per 2 pairs

These Vampire Wire #SB single banana plugs make high-quality speaker connections fast and easy.  The Vampire Wire SB is Gold Plated for good signal transfer.  The SB Banana Plugs accept Speaker Cable Wire up to 6 AWG. They are also stackable, which can be useful in some installations.

A growing number of manufacturers are now using non-standard terminal post spacing in their best equipment.  Single banana Plugs will work with any post spacing.

These bananas are sold as 2 pair (2 Red and 2 Black).


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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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