Vampire Wire BPHEX CB Gold Plated Copper Binding Posts


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When it’s time to upgrade your Binding Posts this is a great choice.  This is the best binding post you will find.  Select the number of sets you need.  Each set includes one red and one black binding posts for ONE speaker.  For a set of stereo speakers you will need a quantity of 2.  If your speakers are set up for Bi-wire, (Have 4 binding posts on each speaker) you will need to order 4 sets.

Vampire Wire BPHEX/CB Gold Plated Copper Binding Posts

Designed to be the finest connector available. The #BPHEX/CB is machined from a copper base metal and direct hard gold plated. Isolation washers are also included. It is designed to fit chassis that use the mounting nut on the inside. The Vampire Wire BPHEX CB is a 5 way binding post, which will accept Banana Plugs, Spades, Pins, bare wire through the hole, or bare wire wrapped around the post and tightened into place.  The Mounting bracket that comes with them is set up for standard 3/4 inch center spacing.  Use a 5/16 Drill Bit to enlarge smaller binding post mounting holes..Priced per set of 1 red 1 black for ONE speaker.  Order 2 sets for stereo speakers.  Bi-Wire speakers need 4 sets.


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