Furutech FI-15E (R) High Performance IEC connector Rhodium Plate


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The Furutech FI-15E(R) Rhodium Plated Pure Copper α (Alpha) High Performance IEC connector, is a great connector for budget minded audiophiles.

Using Furutech’s patented alpha cryogenic process and demagnetising of all contact pins, this connector is a high value-for-money product due to the company’s attention to engineering and manufacturing detail. It is a scientific fact that gold-plating improves conductivity; and adding Furutech’s FI-15 gold-plated IEC plug to your mains power cord will bring sonic benefits to your system because of this. This IEC will accept ultra-thick gauge cables and is easy to install.

The Furutech FI-15 IEC connector has a tough, impact-resistant nylon housing providing abuse and arc resistance. Flame retardant, and shock absorbing, the powerful offsetting cable grip clamps on individual conductors and outer cable jacket to prevent strain on terminals.

The FI-15 sports a moulded face to keep debris out of plug interior, as well as picture-window wiring and individual chambers for easy inspection of terminals after wiring. The connector gives an easy, quick and secure assembly, and carries to following features:



    • Pure copper α (Alpha) Conductor.


    • Earth (Ground) Jumper System.


    • Nylon and fibre-glass housing.


    • Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 13mm.


    • Dimensions: Body length 31mm x 33.5mm diameter x 72.5mm overall length.


    • Rated: 10A/250V (UKand Europe) or 15A/125V (USA).


    • Type: 2-pole+earth.



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