Douglas Connection BRAVO Analog Interconnect Cables 3 ft. Pair


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3 ft. Pair Douglas Connection BRAVO Analog Audio Interconnect Cables With Our Premium Gold Plated Locking RCA Plugs.

“Top quality at a great price with superior build and feel.”
“immediate upgrade in system synergy.”
“Excellent made cable!  Highly recommended! ”
“It was as if someone peeled away a film that was over the music.”
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The Douglas Connection BRAVO analog audio interconnect cables are designed with the discerning audio enthusiasts in mind. These cables compare very favorably with cables costing many times more!  The Douglas Connection BRAVO Interconnects incorporate a 99.997 OFHC C10100 16AWG Copper twisted pair configuration cable, with 2 Shields to maximize protection against unwanted noise infiltration.  Shield one is a 95% tinned copper braid and shield two is a 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil wrap.  Our Douglas Connection BRAVO interconnects are made with the shield connected to one end only.  This method insures any unwanted EMI or RFI the shield picks up is shunted to ground, and will not be in the signal path.  These cables have our Douglas Connection Premium Gold Plated Locking RCA connectors.  These locking RCA plugs establish constant, firm contact with RCA jacks via a variable pressure build-up system. By twisting the shell to the right, pressure is created on the eight-notched contact grounding ring. This contracts and transfers the built-up pressure to the RCA jacks. These locking RCA plugs are thereby firmly fixed and will not fatigue or loosen due to age or repeated use.

All our cables are built by our small family business here in Austin TX USA.  We make Interconnect Cables, Power Cables and Speaker Cables for audio enthusiasts.  All of our cables are assembled by hand.  When building our Bravo Interconnects, we use Cardas Quad Eutectic solder which contains both silver and copper for the best connection possible.  The Bravo Analog Interconnect Cables are broken in on our Audiodharma Cable Cooker for 24 hours.

Longer lengths of the Douglas Connection BRAVO Analog Interconnect Cables make great subwoofer cables!

Need a different length pair or individual cable for the LFE channel for your subwoofer?  We can custom make any length you need.  Please contact us and let us know what you need.

Your Douglas Connection Bravo Analog Interconnect Cables will have been broken in on our Audiodharma Cable Cooker for 24 hours when you receive them.  This process cuts down on the break in time you would normally need to give a new set of cables.  Please allow them to settle into your system for 10 hours before doing any critical listening.

• 16AWG Analog Audio Cable / Subwoofer Cable
• Length 3 ft.
• 103 Strand (Per Conductor) – 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Conductors
• 2 Conductor Plus Double Shielded Construction
• Internally Twisted Conductors with Molded Round Outer Jacket
• Double Shielded Construction
– 95% Tinned Copper Braid Shield (136 Strands of 36AWG = App. 15AWG)
– 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil Shield
• DC Resistance: 4.01 Ohm/1000′
• DC Resistance Shield/Conductor: 2.09 Ohm/1000′
• Rac @ 1KHz: 8.40mOhm/ft
• Rac @ 1KHz: 6.34mOhm/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• Capacitance @ 1KHz: 20.86 pF/ft
• Capacitance @ 1KHz: 39.56 pF/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.201 uH/ft
• Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.126 uH/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
• 0.032″ (0.810mm) Thick PVC Outer Jacket
• 0.0275″ (0.70mm) Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation
• Nominal Outer Cable Diameter – 0.295” (7.493mm)
• Outer Covering Black techflex braided sleeving
• Douglas Connection Premium Locking Analog Audio RCA Connectors
• Gold Plated Contacts
• Teflon Insulated Split Center Pin
• Accepts up to 16 AWG Conductors
• Black Body with White and Red ID Rings
• Assembled using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder


Douglas Interconnects
I was one of those skeptics when it came to cables. When I tried some of Dougs cables It was as if someone peeled away a film that was over the music.Vocals became very clear and seemed to be more present not overbearing but enhanced.The bass had a positive reinforcement that really solidified it again not muddy but solid. It is hard for me to put into words as I never could have imagined that cables could make such a difference. I now cant live without them. I can hardly wait to give his speaker cables a try. Thanks for a great product Doug.

Magic Interconnects
I never realized that the addition of a new set of interconnects could open up a vast world of sound and space. The imaging, width and depth of the sound stage have improved so much that it feels like I can pin point the location of each instrument. The singers are present and projecting.
‘Bravo’ to these interconnects.

Speaker Nirvana
After installing a pair o thesef interconnects on my front speakers, I wanted to experience that same clarity in my center channel, so I ordered a complete set from the DVD player to the speaker. After installing the cables, my wife and I sat down to evaluate them by playing a DVD that we have viewed many times. As the movie progressed, she turned to me and asked ” has that sound of heavy footsteps always been so obvious”? I answered ” not until this very moment”.

Douglas analog interconnects
Top quality at a great price with superior build and feel. Plus they complemented my Douglas Connection speaker cables!!! Highly recommended to anyone as an immediate upgrade in system synergy.

Douglas IC’s
Best move I’ve made yet with my system. With just one set of IC’s going from preamp to amp the soundstage took on a new dimension. I now use them thru my entire system. Excellent made cable!  Highly recommended!




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