Elite 12 Power Cable by Douglas Connection


When you want the a great but inexpensive shielded power cable for your high demand application, choose our Elite 12 Power Cable by Douglas Connection.

Priced per each 3 ft. cable with Wattgate 5226 Cryo treated power plug along with the Wattgate 320i Cryo treated IEC connector.    Other lengths and connectors available.  Please choose the length cable you need.  Prices will adjust accordingly. If you want different connectors, please contact us.

The Elite 12 Power Cable by Douglas Connection is made using ÖLFLEX® 190 CY 12 AWG 3 conductor Annealed Copper power cable, and Wattgate 5226 Cryo treated power plug along with the Wattgate 320i Cryo treated IEC connector.  These custom made cables will bring improvement to both performance and sound quality in your system.  The Douglas Connection Elite 12 is a very flexible AC cord made specifically for the higher power demands of any amplifier or receiver, or to deliver unhampered AC power to the entire system when used with a power distribution/line conditioner.

About the ÖLFLEX® 190 CY cable:

Everyone knows the reputation of German engineering and manufacturing.  The Lapp Group, who make the ÖLFLEX® 190 CY cable we use in our Elite series cables is one of the finest examples.  Founded in Stuttgart Germany in 1959, this company has a worldwide reputation for making some of the best cable you will find anywhere.  ÖLFLEX® 190 CY cable is made in their 130,000 square foot facility in Florham Park NJ USA, which houses a state-of-the-art cable manufacturing plant, Lapp Cable Works.  I chose this companies cable for two reasons.  I was looking for a cable made here in the USA, and I wanted the best product I could find, but at a reasonable price.  With the LAPP ÖLFLEX® 190 CY cable you get both!


Conductors:  Two 12 AWG conductors and one 12 AWG ground 99.99% pure copper conductors.
Shield — 85% coverage tinned 99.99% copper braid.
Diameter: 12.7 mm
Metallurgy:  High Purity Copper
Flexibility:  Very Flexible.

About the Wattgate 5226 abd 320i Cryo Treated connectors.

After ten years of researching cryogenic technology, we now cryogenically treat our Wattgate line of products in house. Years of testing different methods and processes within the cryogenic field have led us to develop our own optimized approach.

Our method of Deep Cryogenic Treatment(DCT) is of the indirect or dry type. A specially optimized cycling method is employed to achieve maximum benefit for our products. With the indirect or dry process the parts are never subject to direct contact with liquid nitrogen, avoiding thermal shock to the materials. The process takes between four and five days to complete. We have truly enjoyed the sonic results of this process, we think you will too.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in
Power Cable Length

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5266i Black/Clear


Wattgate 320i Black/Clear



Douglas Connection Custom

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