CAIG Deoxit Gold Vacuum Tube Survival Cleaning Kit SK-GXMD


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DeoxIT® Audio/Video Survival Kit #SK-AV35 

Vacuum tube lovers can now extract maximum performance from their tube gear using CAIG’s DeoxIT Gold vacuum tube survival kit.  CAIG Laboratories Deoxit Gold Vacuum Tube Survival Cleaning Kit SK-AV35 Prevents Atmospheric contamination from silently attacking your tube pins and sockets.  The ultimate collection of Vacuum Tube pin and socket cleaning and signal enhancers.

CAIG Laboratories Deoxit Gold Vacuum Tube Survival Cleaning Kit
A professional grade Deoxit Vacuum Tube maintenance kit by famous Caig Labs.

CAIG SK-GXMD DeoxIT Gold Vacuum Tube Survival Kit
CAIG’s vacuum tube survival kit is designed to extract maximum performance from your tube audio gear while increasing longevity.
Kit includes:
• (1) 25 mL bottle of DeoxIT contact cleaner and rejuvenator with needle dispenser
• (1) 7.4 mL bottle of DeoxIT Gold GX-MD conditioner and protector with brush applicator
• (1) Stainless-steel precision socket cleaning brush
• (2) Lint-free cleaning brushes
• (2) Foam swabs
• (2) Soaking cups
• (12) Lint-free cotton cloth swabs

Audio/Video Survival Kit #SK-AV35  Housed in Lucite Storage Case (5 x 8 x 1.5″)


CAIG Laboratories

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.5 in


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