SolidSteel WS Series Isolated Turntable Wall Shelf


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Available and shipped from the US Solidsteel Distributor in Chicago IL. 

Solidsteel WS-5 Isolation Wall Shelf 21.7 W x 18.5 D x 2 H  Black

The WS-5 is a rock-solid platform delivering reference-level isolation at an attainable price, weighing in at a massive 13 Kg (28 lbs). Form follows function, the WS-5 supports even the heaviest of turntables. Heavy gauge steel for the perimeter and the massive wall plate are complemented by graceful touches adding air and life to what might otherwise have been a monolithic design.

Specifications WS-5 Isolation Wall Shelf:

Tubes: painted aluminum (anodized) filled with damping material;

Hardware: stainless steel;

Terminals: Iron AVP treated with zinc to eliminate the risk of rust;

Shelves: MDF wood, polymer laminate.

Sustainability for each shelf: 60 kg tested.

Weight: 13 Kg | 28.66 lbs

Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 550 (21,7)  H 160/50 (6,3/2)  D 470 (18,5)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 550 (21,7) H 160/50 (6,3/2) D 470 (18,5)

Colour:  Black

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 20 × 7 in


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