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Furutech FP 314Ag 15 AWG Power Cable α-Conductor Fine Silver Plated OFC conductor & μ–OFC wire strands and treated with α(Alpha) process. Priced per Meter.

Engineer’s listening notes: Elegant, open, vivid highs, tight bass


• 37 strands of silver-plated α Alpha μ-OFC Conductor • 0.25mm diameter × 2 Cores (≒14 AWG) / (1.82 sq.mm)
• 37 strands of 0.25mm diameter α Alpha μ-OFC Conductor x 1 Core (≒14 AWG) / (1.82 sq.mm)
• Insulation: Polyethylene (Red/White/Green) 3.4mm diameter 
• Inner Sheath: RoHS Compliant Vibration suppression PVC (Black) 9.3mm diameter 
• Shield: 9 x 24 strands of 0.12mm braided α Alpha conductor 
• Sheath: RoHS Compliant Flexible PVC (Brown) approx. 12.9mm diameter



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