Furutech FP-202(G) Banana connectors


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Furutech FP-202(G) Gold Plated Angled Locking Banana Plugs

Price is for one pair (1 individual Red and 1 individual White) Furutech FP 202(G) 24k Gold Plated Locking Banana Plugs.  You will typically need two pair for each cable, or four pair for a set of stereo speaker cables.  Bi-Wire cables require 3 pair per cable, or six pair per stereo pair.  Please enter the number of pair you require.

The Furutech FP-202(G) Banana Plugs are High Performance Audio Locking Banana Connectors.  They are Gold plated over Silver over Pure Copper. These Audiophile Grade Connectors accept speaker cables up to 7.0 mm are fixed by 2 hex screws. The Furutech FP-202(G) Banana Connectors are also an excellent choice for bi-wiring use in your Stereo Audio and Home Theater Systems.  They are also stackable, so another banana plug can be attached.



• Eutectic cast copper alloy α (Alpha) pins

• Connections: Set-screw 


• Specified for wire diameters up to 5.5mm 

• Dimensions: Space between Conductor: 8.2mm

o 12mm diameter x 26.7mm ± 0.1mm (H) x 46mm overall length.




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