Furutech FI-33 20A IEC AC Inlet


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The Furutech FI-33 Gold or Rhodium plated or Rhodium Plated NCF 20 amp High End Performance IEC inlets.

Made with pure copper conductors and plated with either Rhodium or Gold and rated at 20A 125V A.C. and 16A 250V.  Price is for Gold plated version.  Please us the drop down menu to select the gold or rhodium plated or the FI-33R NCF version you want.

Furutech FI-33(R)/(G)

High End Performance 20A IEC Inlet
Rating:20A 125V A.C. and 16A 250V

FI-33High End Performance 20 amp IEC Inlets

FI-33(R) Rhodium-Plated  $125.00
FI-33(G) 24k Gold-Plated  $103.00

•Pure copper a (Alpha) Conductor
•Materials: Nylon/fiberglass
•Rating:20A 125V A.C. and 16A 250V


・Specified for wire diameters of 4mm (set screw)
・Dimensions: 60.4mm (W) x 30.4mm (D) x 38.7mm (H)
・Rated: 20A/125V and 16A/250V

FI-33 NCF (R) High End Performance IEC INLET

Nano Crystal² Formula – Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder
Incorporated into new NCF series of Furutech products, Nano Crystal² Formula — NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two “active” properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static and secondly, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material – only found in Furutech products!

• α (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor
• Materials: Nylon/fiberglass with special “NCF” anti-resonance damping material – nano-sized crystalline, piezo ceramic particles and carbon powder
• Specifications: Accommodates wire diameters up to 4.0mm (set-screw)
• Dimensions: 60.5 (W) x 30.4mm (D) x 38.7mm (H) ±0.1mm
• Type: 2-pole+earth, Rated: 16A/250V // 20A/125V


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
IEC AC Inlet Gold or Rhodium Plate

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