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Price is for one pair of Bare Copper 8mm Spade Speaker Connectors, with anodized aluminum shell red/black for a 10AWG wire size.  You will typically need 2 pair for each cable, or 4 pair for a set of stereo speaker cables.  Bi-Wire cables require 3 pair per cable, or 6 pair per stereo set.  Please enter the number of pair you require. 

These are the Best Speaker Cable Spade Connectors on the market today!  

These Spades are Machined from C11000 Pure Copper, which gives them a conductivity rating of 101% for maximum signal transfer.  These Solid Copper Spade Connectors are available in Non-Plated, and Pure Silver Plated, versions.  If you are looking for the best possible connectors for your speaker cables, these are it!  These are the best connectors money can buy, but at a very reasonable price.  Great for Stereo Audio and Home Theater Systems.

The Furez SP8-WP38 series spade speaker connectors are machined from a single solid piece of the highest conductivity copper possible (C11000 101% IACS) ensuring maximum signal transfer is achieved.  These Solid Copper Spade Connectors are also available in a Pure Silver Plated version.  If you are looking for the best possible Spade Connectors for your speaker cables, these are it!  Furez makes the best connectors money can buy, but at a very reasonable price.  These are a great choice for your Stereo Audio and Home Theater Systems. The SP8-WP30 series spade speaker cable connectors are offered without plating, or with direct silver plating (app. 106% IACS) to suit a variety of installation requirements. Nickel (app. 24%IACS), Rhodium (app. 39% IACS) and Platinum (16% IACS) are not used in our plating schemes because these low conductivity metals only take away from the performance of the connector while adding cost. IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) is the standard by which conductivity of copper alloys and metals are compared.

Furez WP Series Installation Instructions

Furez SP8-WP38NP Spade Speaker Cable Connector Features/Specifications:

    •    NP – Not Plated – Bare Copper – Spade Speaker Cable Connector

    •    Designed for Common 5/16″ (8mm) Binding Posts

    •    Machined from C11000 101% IACS Copper 

    •    25 Deg Offset Angle



    •    0.150″ (3.8mm) Speaker Cable Entry ID


            –    Accepts 10 AWG Speaker Cable

    •    Internal Depth: 0.600” (15.25mm) 

    •    Recommend Cable Strip Length 39/64″ (15.25mm) 

    •    Overall Length: 2.046″ (51.96mm)

    •    Weight: 2.0 Ounces Per Pair

    •    Sold as a Pair

The Furez the SP8-W & WP series is part of the Furez line of “Sized Right” 8mm (5/16″) Spade Speaker Connectors that feature a cold weld crimp connection for the most efficient speaker cable connection. Both the W & WP series spade connectors additionally feature 2 opposing solder windows for easy soldering. The difference between the W & WP series is that the WP series features and anodized aluminum protective shell and the W series requires the use of Heat shrink to cover the termination. The SP8-W & WP series spade connectors are offered in varying sizes optimized for common speaker cable gauges. The Furez SP8-W and SP8–WP series connectors featuring a cold weld crimp and/or solder termination are designed for very experienced cable builders seeking the ultimate in speaker cable connectivity. Furez Products also has the SP8-SB set screw series spade connectors which are designed for the cable builder with moderate cable assembly experience that wants the ability to change out or reuse connectors. 

Sized Right: All Furez “Sized Right” speaker cable connectors are designed for specific speaker cable gauges and have varying internal diameters to maximize contact of the speaker wire strands within the bore of the speaker cable connector. When a connector is properly sized to the speaker cable gauge, the resulting connection will be optimized for both conductivity and strength. Sizing of crimped connectors is very important and the connector must be sized to match the wire gauge.

Maximized Signal Conductivity: The Sized Right feature of the SP8 spade speaker connectors is a significant factor in maximizing signal conductivity but there are other significant factors to consider as well.
•  Solid Single Piece Conductive Path: The Furez line of spade speaker wire connectors are designed to have a single continuous conductive path from the wire to the end of the spade. This eliminates the added contact resistance associated with the common multi-piece design.
•  Truly High Conductive Core Materials: The Furez TST Bananas utilize C14500 Tellurium 93% IACS Copper and the SP series spades utilize C11000 100% IACS Copper which are the highest conductivity coppers available for their respective designs. Materials like C36000 Brass, C54400 Phosphor Bronze, C17500 Beryllium Copper are the typical copper alloys used and all have low conductivities in the range of 19% to 40% IACS. Find out more about Copper Alloys at www.Copper.org
•  Plating or Lack There of:
– Bare Copper Non-Plated Connectors: The use of bare non-plated copper connectors provides the natural high conductivity connection of a bare speaker cable termination without the safety hazard of shorting wire strands. Bare electronic grade copper will not turn green or oxidize heavily under normal conditions and some simple handling practices will keep you copper looking and performing quite well for many years.
– Direct Silver Plated Connectors: The only plating option we currently offer is a 5um thick direct Silver plating without an under layer ensuring the maximum conductivity possible. Silver is the highest conductivity metal at 104% IACS and also has the lowest contact resistance of any metal so why not use it. With proper handling silver plating will out perform any other speaker connector plating.

Furez SP8-WP Series Spade Connector Specifications:
•  Sizes Available (See Table for Added Details)
– SP8-WP30 – 3.0mm Nom. Bore
– SP8-WP38 – 3.8mm Nom. Bore
– SP8-WP38XL – 3.8mm Nom. Bore
– SP8-WP48 – 4.8mm Nom. Bore
– SP8-WP48XL – 4.8mm Nom. Bore
•  Platings Available
– NP – Not Plated – Bare Copper
– Ag – Direct 5um Pure Silver Plated
•  Designed for common 8mm (5/16″) binding posts
•  Machined from C1100 100% IACS Copper
•  Single Piece Electrical Path Construction Maximizes Signal Conductance
•  25 Deg Offset Angle
•  Crimp or Crimp & Solder or Solder Termination
•  Dual Opposing Solder Windows
•  Connection Protected with Anodized Aluminum Shell
•  Internal Depth: 0.600” (15.25mm)
•  Recommend Cable Strip Length 0.600” (15.25mm)
•  Overall Length: 2.046″ (51.96mm)
•  Sold as a Pair
•  All Sizes Include:
– Pair Latex Gloves (One Per Order)
– Reusable Dry Cleaning Wipe for Copper & Silver (One Per Order)


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