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We had this outstanding Locking RCA Plug Connector made for us to replace the discontinued Furez FZ091LRGAA connector.  We searched until we found a company who could make a very high quality Gold Plated Brass RCA connector that was just as good as the discontinued one.  With the purchase of many pair, we were able to get a somewhat better price than we had on the Furez connector.   

 The Douglas Connection DCLRCA91 gold-plated high-end locking RCA plug allows a very low resistance connection to RCA jacks and accepts cables up to to 0.359″ (9.1mm) diameter. The double screw system allows the shielding of the cable to either be soldered or solderless. The center (signal) conductor can be as large as 16 AWG conductor and must be soldered.  Body and center pin made from gold plated brass.  Shell made from brass with non conductive coating.       

     Locking RCA plugs establish constant, firm contact with RCA jacks via a variable pressure build-up system. By twisting the shell to the right, pressure is created on the eight-notched contact grounding ring. This contracts and transfers the built-up pressure to the RCA jacks. Locking RCA plugs are thereby firmly fixed and can no longer be pulled out.Unlike standard RCA connectors, a locking RCA connector will not fatigue or loosen due to age or repeated use.  

Douglas Connection Locking Analog Audio RCA Connectors:

  • Locking Analog Audio RCA Connector
  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Teflon Insulated Split Center Pin
  • Accepts up to 16 AWG Conductors
  • Teflon Insulated Center Pin
  • Black Body with White and Red ID Rings
  • Length: 1.75”/45mm (not including Center Pin)
  • Overall OD: 0.550″/14mm
  • Cable Entry ID: 0.355”/9.1mm
  • Sold as a Set (1 Red/ 1 White)


Douglas Connection Custom

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