Canare L-5CFB Coaxial Cable Black

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Canare L-5CFB-BK

Canare L-5CFB Coaxial Cable Black 75 ohm precision digital video cable, offers the professional Broadcaster a high performance, 100% Sweep Tested, low cost, low loss coax that meets the demands of today’s facility migration trends toward Serial Digital Video and HDTV standards.

Styled in a black color, the L-5CFB Low-Loss Coaxial Cable from Canare is a bulk digital video cable designed for HD and serial digital video with HDTVs, satellite and cable receivers, home theater systems, or broadband facilities. These 18 AWG cables support SDI signals in SMPTE 259M, 292M, and 424M standards for everything from SD to full HD video up to 60 fps.

The L-5CFB sports solid copper conductors in the center with foam PE insulation and a tinned copper braided exterior that is 100% foil shielded, yielding excellent interference protection and reliable signaling. This bulk cable is provided in a long 984′ length, making it easy to facilitate very-long cable runs in challenging or structurally complex environments.

The L-5CFB coaxial cable is well equipped to handle a range of needs, from HDTV upgrades to professional broadband facilities. It’s easy to make cuts or adjustments to the coax thanks to the foam PE dielectric, which strips away cleanly from the conductor. This precision coax cable is 100% sweep tested.

Solid Copper Center Conductor
Foam PE Dielectric
Tinned Copper Braid + 100% Foil Shield
Dielectric strips away clean from Conductor
Precision Coax 100% Sweep Tested

HD-Serial Digital Video
Satellite Head Ends
HDTV Upgrades
Broadband Facilities
SMPTE 259M & 292M

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