Wiha Proturn 45505 T6 Torx Driver
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Wiha Proturn 45505 T6 Torq Driver

The Wiha Proturn T6 Torx driver is a mid sized Torx driver suited for many applications. The advantages of the Wiha 45505 Proturn Torx T6 driver is that the properly machined driver tip will hold the screw so you can have one hand free while inserting the screw into your work piece and the snug fit of the tip allows for the maximum screw torque without stripping the screw head. Properly machined Torx drivers provide the maximum torque potential of the varying screw types available for set screws. Note: Always make sure the Torx driver is fully seated in the screw before assembly.  Not all Torx drivers are created equal. The budget Torx drivers that come in the value kits are often times of poor quality and the use of these value drivers will result in the screw being stripped. We highly recommend this Wiha 45505 Torx driver for use with any of our Furez Banana or Spade Speaker Cable Connectors that use the T6 set screws. 

Wiha Proturn 45505 T6 Torq Driver Specifications:

    •    T6 Torx Head Driver

    •    Precision Machined

    •    Made in Germany

    •    Overall Length: 5.18"

    •    Handle Length: 3.13"

    •    Handle Diameter: 0.90"

    •    Weight: 0.95 Ounce

  • Item #: Wiha45505T6
  • Manufacturer: Wiha
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 45505

Wiha Proturn 45505 T6 Torx Driver

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