Furutech FI-31 G 20A IEC Connector
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The Furutech FI 31-G Gold Plated Phosphor Bronze Conductor 20A IEC Connector features a (Alpha) Phosphor Bronze rhodium-plated conductors, Floating Field Damper System and a Nylon/fiberglass body.

FI-31(G) 24k Gold-Plated Nonmagnetic IEC Conductors
Type: 2-pole + earth • Rating: 20A 125V and 16A 250V
• α (Alpha) Phosphor Bronze Conductor
• Floating Field Damper System* avoids induced magnetic fields
• Material: Nylon/fiberglass • Polycarbonate shell
• Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 20.0mm
• Dimensions: Body length 40.8mm x 39mm diameter x 74mm overall length
• Furutech Pure Transmission Technology: Unique patent-pending pressure plate (see below) increases
contact area
• Tighter connections mean greater resolution, clarity, and dynamics without artificially-boosted
upper-frequency glare

  • Item #: FuruFI31G
  • Manufacturer: Furutech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FI-32 (R)

Furutech FI 31 G 20A IEC Connector

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