Furutech SK-EX-III Disc Static Eliminator


The Furutech SK-EX-III Disc Static Eliminator

The SK-EX-III is the latest extremely effective disc treatment brought to you in the Furutech Select Series. Simple fact: as LPs and CDs spin, friction with the air causes them to constantly gain a static charge. Frictional static electricity for LPs and CDs can be as much as 3,000-20,000V. The SK-EX-III puts an end to the problem of electrostatic noise and deteriorating sound quality for good by eliminating the floating static charge around your disc media. By simply placing your disc media into SK-EX-III and closing the top for a mere 30 seconds, static charge will be dissipated into the atmosphere. The SK-EX-III does this using 100% Thunderon, a unique conductive filament material that consists of a very fine acrylic fiber chemically bonded with copper sulfide. The exact combination of Thunderon Sheet material and Thunderon Tape formed of these special fibers has been exhaustively tested to find the perfect balance for optimum static elimination.

The SK-EX-III is easy to use, requires no batteries or mains power and is the perfect complement to your disc media and for your listening pleasure.

1. Lay the SK-EX-III on a flat surface
2. Open the lid and place LP or CDs on circle area – CDs should be placed on the “V” Thunderon Tape
3. Close Lid for 30 seconds
4. Open lid and touch the metal clasp (shown below: base of “V” Thunderon Tape) with your bare finger – this will ground the SK-EX-III.
5. Static elimination complete. Remove your LP or CDs.


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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in


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