Furman PowerPort Remote AC Power Controller 20 Amp


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Furman PowerPort Remote AC Power Controller – 20 Amp

This is a LIGHTLY USED Unit, that came from a home theater system, and was replaced by a Furman PL Pro DMC.  This Furman PowerPort was working when removed from the system.  List price for a new Furman PowerPort is $430 but can be bought at most outlets for $395.  This Used PowerPort is in great cosmetic condition, and priced at just $194.00!!  $179!!!!!!  The Furman PowerPort uses a 20 amp plug, and can not be plugged into a 15 amp receptical.  


  • One PowerPort controls one 20 amp circuit – an unlimited number of additional 20 amp circuits may be controlled by adding more PowerPorts
  • Turn-on or turn-off sequence is initiated by a simple switch closure – switches may be momentary or latching
  • Can use multiple remote on-off switches for multi-location control
  • PRO-Series level spike and surge clamping and EMI/RFI filtering provides the most comprehensive power protection available anywhere!
  • High reliability 25 amp relays
  • Incoming mains voltage is monitored for acceptable levels, with marginal voltages causing flashing alerts and extreme voltages causing protective shutdown
  • Manual mode allows delays to be overridden for troubleshooting
  • Screwdriver-adjustable turn-on and turn-off delay times, each independently settable from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Units may be wall-mounted or rack-mounted (half rack size) with appropriate mounting kits

PowerPorts comprise the building blocks of Furman’s versatile new high performance power conditioning and distribution system, intended for medium size to the largest audio, video, and multimedia installations.


PowerPorts offer the same renowned RFI/EMI and spike/surge protection as Furman’s top-of-the-line PRO Series rackmount power conditioners. A PowerPort can safely absorb up to a whopping 11,000 amperes of spike/surge current in any mode (hot-neutral, neutral-ground, or hot-ground), using a unique array of protection devices including MOV’s, gas discharge tubes, high voltage inductors and capacitors, and fast-blow fuses. It also provides over 60 dB of common-mode attenuation in the 1-200 MHz RF band.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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