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NEW from Furez Products!  The Furez R10BCS Silver Plated locking RCA connector features Teflon Insulated Tellurium Copper split Center pin,  and has been designed ensuring the maximum conductivity possible, with higher end performance, ease of use and versatility in mind.  Price is for 1 pair Furez R10BCS RCA connectors, one red and one white color bands with both one 8mm and one 9.3mm cable entry bushings. 

Tellurium Copper (TeCu) Center Pin

The small mass center pin is typically brass which is not nearly as conductive as the copper, silver plated copper or silver conductor you’d be connecting to it. The R10BCS RCA connector utilizes C14500 Tellurium 93% IACS Copper which is the highest conductivity copper available for the design. TeCu is chosen as a small trade off in conductivity compared to 100% IACS C11000 Copper because of its enhanced durability. Materials like C36000 Brass, C54400 Phosphor Bronze, C17500 Beryllium Copper are the typical copper alloys used and all have low conductivities in the range of 19% to 40% IACS. Find out more about Copper Alloys at www.Copper.org

5um Direct Silver Plating

The only plating option we currently offer is a 5um thick direct Silver plating without an under layer ensuring the maximum conductivity possible. Silver is the highest conductivity metal at 104% IACS and also has the lowest contact resistance of any metal. With proper handling silver plating will out perform any other connector plating.

Locking RCA

Locking RCA plugs establish constant, firm contact with RCA jacks via a variable pressure build-up system. By twisting the shell to the left (screwing on), pressure is created on the eight-notched contact grounding ring. This contracts and transfers the built-up pressure to the RCA jacks. Locking RCA plugs are thereby firmly fixed and can no longer be pulled out. Unlike standard RCA connectors, a locking RCA connector will not fatigue or loosen due to age or repeated use.

Reduced Mass Ground Bar

Most single piece body designs of RCA connectors use a grounding bar that is used to attach the shield and or negative contact of the cable by means of soldering. This design is still used but the grounding bar has been reduced in mass to facilitate quicker soldering so cables don’t get overheated during assembly.

Furez R10BCS Locking RCA Connectors Specs:

   •  Locking Analog Audio RCA Connector

   •  5um Direct Silver Plated Contacts

   •  Tellurium Copper (TeCu) Tefflon Insulated Split Center Pin

   •  Accepts up to 16 AWG Conductors

   •  Black Anodized Shell and Cable Entry Bushings

   •  Use with any cable type with 8.0 to 9.3mm OD

   •  Length: 1.73″ – 44mm (not including Center Pin or Color Band)

   •  Overall OD: 0.539″ – 13.7mm

   •  Cable Entry Bushings Included

          – 0.315″ – 8.0mm ID

          – 0.366″ – 9.3mm ID

   •  Sold as a Set with Red & White bands

Analog Audio, Subwoofer, Digital Coax Etc

It used to be that RCA connectors had color bands that were fixed and if they were removed you ended up with a gap where the color band used to be. Not anymore, the R10BCS RCA connector has a removable color band so it can be used for a variety of applications. To remove the color band you simply unscrew the cable entry bushing, remove the color band and reinstall the bushing. The bushing will screw all the way in closing the gap where the color band was. The removable cable entry bushing is made of anodized aluminum so if the standard white, red or black options don’t fit the bill you can easily paint the bushing to suit your needs.


One Size Fits All ??

Not our motto and you don’t have to buy a separately sized connector this time. Each R10BCS locking RCA connector come with two cable entry bushings. One at 9.3mm typically used with thick cables or cables with braided sleeving. The second bushing at 8mm which is pretty much a standard size for most cables without a braided sleeve cover.


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