Douglas Connection Alpha Turntable Interconnect cables



Our Douglas Connection Custom RCA to RCA Alpha Turntable Interconnect cables with ground wire, custom made to the length you need from 2′ to 4′. Please choose the length you need from the drop down menu.  Then choose from the connectors we offer for these cables.  Other connectors available on the turntable end.  Please contact us for more information.

These cables are made to go between your turntable and phono stage or the phono input on your preamp.  They are custom made to the exact length you need from 2 ft. long to 4 ft. long.  Longer lengths are available, but the longer the cables, the more capacitance will be found.  Please check with your turntable manufacturer and/or cartridge manufacturer for the total capacitance the cartridge needs to see.


24AWG Turntable Interconnect Cable specifications:
• 24AWG 20/0.12 OFC signal conductors
• 2 Conductor Plus Shielded Construction
• Internally Twisted Conductors
• Shielded Construction
– Copper Spiral wound Shield 64/0.18 OFC
• Measured DC Resistance 4’ cable: Less than 0.1 ohm
• Measured DC Resistance 2’ cable Less than 0.1 ohm
• Measured Capacitance 4 ft. cable RCA center pin to outer 108 pF
• Measured Capacitance 2 ft. cable RCA center pin to outer 63 pF
• Separate ground wire with Furutech gold plated copper spade connector
on turntable end and Vampire Wire gold plated copper spade connector on amp


These cables have a shield, and the shield is connected to ground on one end only.  The grounded end is


the pre amp end and on this pictured set has the larger spade connector to mate with the larger grounding


binding post found on Sunfire pre amps.  Other connectors available to match your system.



Douglas Connection Custom

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in
IC Length

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RCA Connector

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