Custom Vampire Wire SC 1108 13AWG Bi-wire Speaker Cables



Photos Above show some of the various connectors which we can attach to your cables.  Base Price is for One 6 ft. Cable with no connectors.  For total price, please select your desired Cable Length, plus Amplifier End and Speaker End Connectors from the dropdown menus to the right.  Choose the Amp End Free End Length, and Speaker End Free End Length you want.  Free end length is the distance between where the individual conductors exit the main cable to the connectors.  Then enter the number of cables you need.

The Vampire Wire SC 1108 an incredible sounding cable, which creates a wonderfully detailed sound stage, while controlling inductance, capacitance and magnetic field effects.  If you want some more detail and openess from your system and are using copper wire this will do it with out having to spend the high dollars for pure silver cables.  If you have silver wires and your system is missing some bass or the sound is somewhat bright/forward and you want to add a bit of warmth, these cables are great for that too.


The DCVSC134 Hybrid Bi Wire speaker cables are constructed of four 13AWG conductors. Each conductor is made from 277 strands of wire, which make these cables very flexible. Each of the four conductors is formed from three bundles of OFHC, and three bundles of silver plated OFHC. This cable is laid out in a Star Quad configuration, which is a superior method to attenuate EMI (electromagnetic interference). The finishing touch is a soft, cloth like, Black nylon multifilament braided sleeve, which protects the cables and is appealing.




Douglas Connection Custom

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Speaker Cable Length

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Connectors Amp End

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Connectors Speaker End

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Amp End Free End Length

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Speaker End Free End Length

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