Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 Amplifier
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Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 Amplifier.  Used but great condition.  The only problem with this amplifier is the light for the joule meter is out.  Shipping to any US address included.

Sunfire Cinema Grand Specifications:

Price: $2,375.00

Number of speaker output channels:

Power Output:
200 watts continuous, per channel, all five channels driven into eight ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz, with no more than 0.5% T.H.D.

Power at clipping, minimum:
400 watts per channel into four ohms
800 watts per channel into two ohms-time limited basis

Hum and Noise:
-100dB, A-Weighted

Absolute Maximum Output Current:
80 amperes peak to peak per channel

Absolute Maximum Output Voltage:
43 volts RMS

Output Impedance, Front Left and Front Right Channels:
Voltage Source: Approximately zero
Current Source: Approximately one ohm

Impedance Normal Input:
24,000 ohms

Input Sensitivity for Rated Output:
1.3 volts RMS

15,000 each leg balanced to ground

19 inches wide
6.5 inches high
15.75 inches deep (including connections)

45 pounds

Brushed aluminum and black anodize

  • Item #: SF200x5
  • Manufacturer: Sunfire

Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 Amplifier

Price: $900.00
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