Douglas Connection PCOCC Bi-Wire Jumpers Cables DIY Kit
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Base Price is for a kit to make a set of 4 Bi-Wire Jumpers with Furez silver plated Copper banana plugs on both ends.  Please select the length you want and whether you want Silver plated copper or non plated copper connectors.  Then select the connectors you want.  Available in banana to banana, banana to spade, or spade to spade connectors.

When you purchase a Douglas Connection DIY Cable Kit, everything you need is included for you to make your cables.  You supply the time and tools, we supply all the materials you need.

 Replace those original gold plated brass jumper bars found on most bi-wire speakers with these OCC copper jumpers.  You will appreciate the difference in clarity and sound stage immediately!

The Douglas Connection Bi-Wire Jumpers come with 4 Furtech PCOCC 12 AWG wires. This Furutech 12AWG PCOCC cable has 6 bundles of 20 pieces of 0.18mm PCOCC highest quality wire with audio grade PE insulation. The design yields a clean balanced sound. The Douglas Connection Bi-Wire Jumper Cables  DIY Kits use advanced design techniques with high quality materials, which results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare..  These Jumpers are great for your Bi Wire Speakers in your Stereo Audio, or Home Theater system.

Douglas Connection Alpha 12AWG PCOCC Bi Wire Jumper set.
• High-purity large α (Alpha)-OCC conductors for minimal impedance.

• Beautifully engineered high performance Silver Plated Copper connectors: 
Furez W Series copper banana to banana.

• Insulated with RoHS compliant special audio grade PVC for high performance. 
Flexible and easy to use.

• Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet 
soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency 
“presence region” glare.

• Top-end performance at an affordable price.


Construction and Materials
• 6 bundles of 20-strand α (Alpha)- OCC Conductor・0.18mm, 12AWG
• Insulation: Special audio grade PE.

Electrical Properties of Cable
Max. Conductor Resistance 5.4Ω/km JISC3005 6 20℃
Min. Insulation Resistance 2500 MΩ-km JISC3005 9.1 20℃
Dielectric Strength AC. 3000V/1 min. JISC3005 8


The Douglas Connection PCOCC Bi-Wire Jumpers DIY Kit are constructed of four 12AWG PCOCC conductors. Each conductor is made from 133 strands of wire.  The connectors are Your choice of Silver plated or Non plated copper Banana or spade connectors.  You can choose banana plugs on both ends, spades on both ends, or a combination. 



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PCOCC Bi Wire Jumper cables DIY Kit

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