Furutech FP-120F R RCA
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Furutech FP-120F R High End Performance RCA connector Filament central pin Locking Collet type Rhodium plated.  Priced set of 4.  Please enter the number of 4 piece sets you need.

Furutech FP-120F R Filament Central PIN RCA ConnectorSold per set of 4 RCA connectors.

• Phosphor bronze a (Alpha) Filament center pin • Copper Alloy body and locking collet

• Fluoropolymer insulation • Connections: Soldered

• Specified for cable diameters up to 12.3mm

• Dimensions: 13.8mm ± 0.1 diameter x 61.2mm ± 0.1mm overall length


The larger cable entry on these RCA plugs will accept larger cable diameters, such as the Furutech FA-220 balanced cable, with sleeving.  We use these RCA connectors on our Alpha Interconnects with wonderful results.

  • Item #: FURUFP120FR
  • Manufacturer: Furutech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FP-106(R)

Furutech FP-120F R Filament Central PIN RCA Connector

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