Furutech Ag-12 Phono Tonearm Cable
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The Furutech Ag 12 Phono Cable features Silver plated OFC and achieves its remarkably quiet soundstage and transparent presentation with four-layer shielding and external ground wire.  Please select the type connections you need from the drop down menu.

The Furutech Ag 12 Nonmagnetic Rhodium-Plated DIN Connector and Rhodium-Plated RCA Connectors.

Straight DIN to RCA  $544
Angled DIN to RCA  $602
RCA to RCA  $544

Connectors: Furutech-engineered rhodium-plated DIN connector or L-DIN connector and
FP-126(R) α (Alpha) OCC RCA connectors.


・α (Alpha) silver-plated μ-OFC Conductor 
・4-layer shield construction for improved noise insulation
・Main Insulation: Air-foamed polyethylene

・ Connectors
・Furutech-engineered rhodium-plated DIN or L-DIN and FP-126(R) Alpha-OCC RCA connectors
・The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance
・Carefully engineered cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanical and electrically-induced distortion

Dimensions: Cable diameter ~9.5mm • Overall length: 1.2M/set

Phono cartridge output is vanishingly small and easily polluted by RFI and EMI.

Every element of signal transfer must be perfectly engineered to avoid distortion that robs music of life.
If you’re going to the trouble of playing vinyl why swamp the low-level signal in a veritable soup of noisy distortion right at its source!


  • Item #: FUAG12PhonoCable
  • Manufacturer: Furutech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Ag-12

Furutech Ag 12 High Performance Phono Tonearm Cable

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