12 AWG OFHC Speaker Cable DIY Kit.
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Make yourself a pair of 12 AWG 99.997% OFHC Speaker Cables with this DIY Kit.

Base Price is for ONE PAIR OF 6 ft. Cable with no connectors.  We offer several connectors which you can choose for your cables.  For total price, please select your desired Cable Length with or without sleeving, plus Amplifier End and Speaker End Connectors from the dropdown menus to the right.  We offer kits from 2 ft. to 20 ft. but other lengths are available.  Please contact us if you need more than 20 ft. cables.


Douglas Connection Do It Yourself Cable Kits -- A great money-saving option over our custom made cables or buying the individual parts.

This 12/2 speaker cables DIY Kit comes with Furez Advanced Series Cable Line, in which we use multiple gauge stranding within a rope lay design of high strand count 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper with quality foamed polyethylene insulation (FPE). The design yields a clean balanced sound for your Stereo Audio or Home Theater System.  The kit includes everything you will need to make a pair of 12 AWG speaker cable.    

Furez 12/2 Speaker Cable Specifications:

    • 12AWG 2 Conductor CL3 rated Speaker Cable

 • Extremely Flexible: Well suited for In-Wall and Standard Speaker Cable Uses
• UL Listed NEC Type CL3 for In-Wall Use
• 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Construction (High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper)
• 7 Bundle Advanced Rope Lay Design - See Conductor Detail
6 Outer Bundles of 99.997% OFC 36AWG Strands x 37
- 1 Core Bundle of 99.997% OFC 27AWG Strands x 5
- Total Strand Count - 227 Per Conductor
• DC Resistance: 1.51 Ohm/1000'
• Rac @ 1KHz: 3.02mOhm/ft
• Capacitance @ 1KHz: 16.79pF/ft
• Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.18uH/ft
• 0.055" (1.4mm) Thick PVC Outer Jacket
• 0.0275" (0.70mm) Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation
• Internally Twisted Conductors with Molded Round Outer Jacket
• Sequential Foot Markings
• Nominal Outer Cable Diameter - 0.425"

• For a Finishing touch choose Black or black and gray sleeving.

CONSTRUCTION:  The Douglas Connection 9 AWG OFHC speaker cable DIY Kits are made using Furez Fz122AS two 12AWG conductor cable. Each conductor is made from 227 strands of wire, which make these cables very flexible. Each of the four conductors is formed from seven 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Bundles. For the finishing touch Choose Black or Black and Gray braided sleeve, which protects the cables and is appealing.

When you purchase a Douglas Connection DIY Cable Kit, everything you need is included for you to make your cables.  You supply the time and tools, we supply all the materials you need.  Douglas Connection Do It Yourself Cable Kits -- A great money-saving option over our custom made cables or buying the individual parts.

Included in your kit:

1 Pair of Furez 12 AWG 2 conductor cables cut to the length you specify.

4 connectors you choose for the amp ends of your cables.

4 connectors you choose for the speaker ends of your cables.

If you order your DIY Kit with sleeving, we include enough to cover your pair of cables.

If you order splitters, they are included.  If you don't you will receive heat shrink tubing to cover where the conductors exit the main cable.

Heat shrink to cover the individual conductors for up to 6" free end length.  (Free end length is the distance from the end of the main cable to the connector.

Depending on the connectors you order, heat shrink will be supplied to cover the termination.


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12 AWG OFHC Speaker Cable DIY Kit

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