VTI BLE 201 Speaker Stands
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The VTI BLE201 adjustable speaker stands are available in black only.  Priced per pair.

Beautifully textured powder coated cast iron base with heavy gauge steel pillar.

Adjustable height and top plate to accommodate different surround sound and mini speakers needs.

Q: Does this speaker stand come with spikes?

A: No, it is flat sitting on the floor.

Q:  How does speaker sit on the top plate?

A: This stand comes with an adjustable holder to adjust from 4″ – 7″ with a tighten screw on each side.

Q:  Does this stand have wire management?

A:  Yes, there is a pre-drilled hole on top of pole under the top plate and a hold on the bottom, the pole is hollow and wire can go through from the bottom and come out from the hole under the top plate.

Q: What is the diameter of the pole?

A: The bottom section is 7/8″ and the top section is about 3/4″.

Q: How can the height be adjusted?

A: The bottom pole is a bit bigger than the top pole. The top pole can slide to the desired height. There is a knob in the middle/junction. When the desired height is found, the knob can be tightened to fix the height.

Q: What is the material of the stand?

A: The base is cast iron. The pole and the top plate are steel.

Q: How much weight does this stand support?

A: It can hold up to 16 pounds.




  • Item #: VTIBLE201
  • Manufacturer: VTI Manufacturing inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BLE201

VTI BLE201 Speaker Stands

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