HRT Music Streamer II +
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Want to play all that music on your computer on your home entertainment system?The Music Streamer II+ with improved performance over the Music Streamer II  is a higher performance external sound card that connects between a computer and any audio system.

USB connected and powered, the Music Streamer II+ is simple to use and provides a level of improvement that has never before been possible.

With its unique topology and circuitry, a completely isolated path between computer and audio systems elimi- nates the contamination normally present in computer based audio systems. All power requirements for the Music Streamer II+ are regenerated from the USB bus, operation is simple, just plug into any available USB port and in a matter of seconds, you will be ready to experience a level of sound that will astonish even the most discerning listener.

With its jitter free asynchronous transfer protocol interface, the Music Streamer II+ will transform your computer into a better than CD quality source. Utilizing native Audio Class 1.0 drivers (present in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers) there are no drivers nor software to install. Simply connect it into your computer with a USB cable, select the Music Streamer II+ and you are ready to go.

LED indicators on the input side of the Music Streamer II+ will show the sample rate (32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2 & 96k) as well as the state of the mute circuit, so you will always know at a glance where your system is operating at. High Resolution Technologies’ UpStream utility allows the Music Streamer II+ to be updated right from the computer’s desktop.

One year parts and labor warranty.

Download the HRT Music Streamer II + Specifications

Specifications for Music Streamer II+:
Electrical: Full Scale output 2.25 Volts RMS 
Frequency Response: (20 Hz/20 kHz) 0dB /-.5 dB 
Noise Floor: (DC to 30 kHz) 20 uV RMS 
S/N Ratio: (DC to 30 kHz) 101 dB 
THD+N: (1 kHz FS) 0.008% 
USB to Audio output isolation: > 20M Ohm 
Interface Data Rate: up to 96kS/s 
Bit Depth: up to 24 bit 
Transfer Protocol: asynchronous
USB type: 1.1 or above
Power Requirements (USB buss): 350 mA 
Dimensions: (L x WxH) 5.1" x 2.1" x 1.2" 

  • Item #: HRTMSIIplus
  • Manufacturer: HRT High Resolution Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Music Streamer II +

HRT Music Streamer II +

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