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High Resolution Technologies HRT iStreamer HRT Music Streamer HD
HRT iStreamerHRT Music Streamer HD

Want to connect your Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® to your Home or Auto stereo? Here's How! The HRT iStreamer.

The Music Streamer HD is an Ultra High Performance DAC with a Bit Depth of 16 or 24 and up to 192K sample rate. USB connected and powered, the Music Streamer HD provides a level of performance that is unsurpassed at any price point.



Urban Planet 12VDC Dual USB Power Supply adapter HRT High Resolution Technologies LineStreamer +
Urban Planet 12VDC Dual USB Power Supply adapterHRT LineStreamer Analog to Digital Converter

The Urban Planet 12V Power Supply Adapter is a 12VDC Dual USB power adapter for the iStreamer to allow it to be used with iDevices in all 12VDC vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, etc. 2 outlet 2.1 amp and 1 amp.

Want to record LP's or other line level audio to your computer?  The HRT LineStreamer ADC is simple to use and allows anyone to digitize any analog source at a level of quality previously available only to the elite professional.  



HRT Music Streamer II + HRT USB Cable
HRT Music Streamer II +HRT USB cable

The Music Streamer II+ is a higher performance DAC music interface that allows a computer and a home entertainment system to become perfect partners.

This is a high-quality, well-shielded USB cable that has been tested and approved for use with all High Resolution Technologies USB DACs. It is offered for sale as a lower-cost option than the Furutech USB cables.




HRT iStreamer 115V power supply
HRT iStreamer 115VAC Power Supply for home or office use

iStreamer 115VAC Power Supply for home or office use. Add this to your 12V iStreamer order so you can use the iStreamer in your auto as well as your home or office stereo systems.


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